‘Good Work’ HR Urged!

In peoplemanagement, 25th November edition within the News section from the CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition there was a debate about enabling workers to produce good work within the current economic environment. Lucy Adams Director of BBC People told delegates that constant change meant that HR now has a moral duty to invest in staff and to give them skills and confidence.
I think Lucy’s thinking is right and that HR professionals need to earn their wage by being able to provide and think outside the box in order to think of incentives and increases an employee’s productivity.

The easy solution to incentivising staff has often been money lead but with new issues and uncertainty in the current climate HR professionals need to understand what really makes an employee tick. Providing good incentives for employees to do a good days work and not just turn up will enable your business to stay ahead of the rest.

2 thoughts on “‘Good Work’ HR Urged!

  1. Mike Dodgson

    I agree, incentives need to be well thought through in order to be effective. It’s not as simple as throwing money at people these days, especially in poor economic climates.


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